What is the difference in grades of wood?

wood grade clear


Cleanest appearance. This grade is mostly heartwood with a minimum number of character marks and discoloration, providing a uniform appearance allowing for natural color variations.*

wood grade select


Excellent appearance. Like clear, but having more characteristics such as tight knots, pin wormholes, slight brown streaks, and color variations. Select is our most frequent upgrade.*

wood grade common 1

No. 1 Common

Variegated appearance. More markings than clear or select. Light and dark colors, knots and other character marks make a more colorful natural looking floor while maintaining good uniformity. Traditionally our best seller.*

wood grade common 2

No. 2 Common

The grade with most knots, shorter lengths, wormholes, imperfections and color variations make a more natural looking floor that has a rustic feel to it. Perfect for a more casual look.*

Wood, being a product of nature, will have characteristics such as grain, knots, pinholes and many other beauty marks of nature. Each piece of flooring will react differently to stains and finishes. This is what gives wood flooring its warmth and differentiates it from processed flooring products

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