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A Selection of Species Samples (woods)

Red Oak


The popular appearance and abundance of oak has made it the most widely used species of hardwood in America. It is an excellent flooring choice because of its outstanding hardness value and durability.

White Oak


Hickory brings a feeling of casual warmth to any room. It features a fine grain pattern and color that varies sharply from white to reddish brown.


This reddish-brown heartwood has a very fine and close grain. Its hardness and strength make this an excellent hardwood selection.


Maple is one of the most popular hardwoods used in the home today. With an attractive, clean grain pattern and mix of natural shading, maple plank provides the perfect foundation for the kitchen and other rooms where a bright airy look is desired.


Birch is a beautiful creamy or light brown color, with thin, nearly white sapwood. Its visual appearance is smooth and often curly or wavy, and is a vary hard and durable wood.


The fine qualities and versatility of ash make it an excellent flooring choice for the most sophisticated room or the most informal. As had a light, natural appearance, with a unique grain pattern and color that ranges from almost white to pale yellow streaked with brown.


Cherry is a richly colored hardwood species. It is a fine-grained wood with a reddish-brown heartwood, interspersed with cream-colored sapwood.


Walnut is typically a deep brown in coloration and boasts a plain to highly figured grain pattern. It is moderately heavy but very strong for its weight and an exceptionally stable hardwood species.

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