A concave or dished appearance of individual strips with the edges raised above the center. The opposite of crowning.


A convex or crowned condition or appearance of individual strips with the center of the strip higher than the edges. The opposite of cupping.

Wood Strip

Boards are narrower and shorter than planks and have up to three strips of wood per board.

Wood Block

Floors made up from small strips or blocks of wood, around three inches wide and nine inches long, arranged in herringbone, basket-weave and other geometric patterns.


Any distortion of a piece of flooring from its true plane that may occur in seasoning.(1)


A single thin or fine layer of wood that has been glued to a manufactured base. Veneer floors are generally fitted ‘floating’ – which means they’re not fixed to a sub-floor. They lie on a foam or cork underlay and must have a flat, even surface beneath them.


A product that must have stain and/or a finish applied after installation.(1) Read about Prefinished vs. Unfinished.


The finish materials in a building at the floor of rooms, (baseboard, base shoe, quarter round for example).(1)

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